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Why do I write?
I write because I love the process of creating an image using words.

I write because when I was 11 years old a teacher told me I was clever to use 'poetic license'.

I write because writing relaxes me.

I write simply because I can.

Writing in my childhood
I hated writing when I was quite young. I was left handed and lived in a family where leftness was equated with evilness.

By the time I was ten I knew I was going to grow up an marry some clever man who would take care of me while I washed, cooked and cleaned for him.

At the grand old age of 11 our sixth class teacher with that big happy smile of his told the class. "We will be writing poetry this week." I groaned. Writing? Ugh!

By the end of the first day I had completed my first, albeit simplistic poem. I present it here for you to assure you there was no sign of a literary genius lurking during childhood.

The Apple
Ripple rapple I lost my apple
Dipple dapple I found my apple.

I held my breath as the teacher wandered around the class glancing at students masterpieces. "Please." I silently begged. "Don't read mine."

I felt his approach to my desk long before he arrived. He made a cursory glance at my exercise book and ordered me to stand and read my poem aloud.

I was dying inside as I stood. Once I finished my poem my classmates as raised their voices in a caucophany of ridicule. I felt devastated.

My teacher took my book from my hands and walked to the front of the class. He held my book above his head and said. "Laugh all you want. But this younh lady has today done what no on else in the class has managed. She has used poetic license."

He smiled at me and returned my book to me with a 10 out of 10 marked in bright red.

I didnt have a clue what poetic license was. I had never heard of it. It only mattered that impressed Mr Jory.

Later that affternoon seated in my neighbours hallway with their reference books scattered all over the place I searched for this thing called 'poetic license'. I gave up after an hour of searching and decided to go home and ask my mother.

"It's making stuff up to suit story or poem."

"like making up words?" I asked.

"Yeh. something like that."

That was it. I was set for life. I could impress people by just making up a word when ever I needed to. Suddenly writing did not seem difficult.

I wrote poems regularly until I was in my late teens but never took them seriously and usually gave them away or lost them.

Amateur Adulthood
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Professional Writing
Custom pages can be used for any kind of content and are a great way to add information to your site.